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Website Maintenance

Maintain your site

Website Maintenance.

Website and web application development does not stop after launch. We understand that websites and web applications require ongoing monitoring to ensure consistent, optimal performance and need to be updated regularly with new content and functionality to reflect changing organizational and business needs.


  • $15per month
  • 2 Changes/Month
  • 1/2 hr. Advice/mo.
  • 1/2 hr. Design/mo.
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  • $50per month
  • 10 Changes/Month
  • 2 hrs. Advice/mo.
  • 2 hrs. Design/mo.
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Website Maintenance Services

Website management solutions allows you to spend your time running your business

… not running your website.


For many companies their website has become a mission-critical component of their business, functioning as a information resource, directly supporting marketing, sales, distribution, procurement and customer relationships management. It is therefore imperative that the company website is updated and enhanced regularly with new content and technology. webRulon takes full responsibility for a client’s website, ensuring it will be maintained and developed on an ongoing basis.
webRulon website maintenance and management is the total solution to all your website hassles. Whether you host with us, or host elsewhere, you can leave your site in the hands of our experienced team and get on with the job of running your business. You can be confident in the knowledge that your website will be there online promoting your business, generating leads and making money for you too.

Our maintenance not only covers regular updates,

we also look after your domain name and ensure your website stays online 24/7.

Content Updates

One of the most important aspects of website maintenance is regular content updates reflecting changes and expansion of the business. New content in the form of new products and services, monthly special offerings, useful tips and noteworthy news articles give visitors a reason to return.
For sites that require frequent content updates we can integrate a content management system allowing site owners to add, edit and delete content, themselves, without any knowledge of HTML. Content is entered and formatting using a WYSIWIG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor similar to a desktop word processor application.

Functionality & Technology Updates

Through our full-time staff of designers, copywriter and programmers we can offer our customers the premium web development and managed webmaster services required to build and support the functionality and technology updates a website needs to remain competitive in the world of online business.
WebSite Maintenance Services can be provided on either a fixed monthly arrangement or on an as needed basis. Major revamping of existing sites, including adding e-commerce, integrated database capabilities, social media functionality and other advanced work will be quoted separately as needed.

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