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Hosted IT

Offload your local IT resources

Hosted IT Services.

The latest trend in information technology is moving software and services to the cloud. We operate equipment in three separate datacenters and can help you transition legacy and aging computer hardware critical to your small businesses operation to virtual and cloud based solutions.


Services Offered

    • Offsite Backup Solutions
    • Secure Instant Messaging
    • VOIP Cloud Solutions
    • Cloud Storage (Dropbox Alternative)
    • Directory Hosting Services
    • e-Mail Hosting Services
    • Website Hosting
    • Virtualization
    • Virtual Private Servers
    • Virtual Dedicated Servers
    • Hosted Remote Desktops
    • Hosted IP Security Camera DVRs
    • Business Process Software
    • Physical Server to Off Premise Cloud


Ready to save time & money offloading local IT resources? Contact us today.