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Conversion Enhancements

Increase online sales and leads!

Increase Conversions!

Conversion enhancement programs provide a range of solutions for planning, measuring, testing and implementing website changes to increase online sales and leads from websites.

Conversion Enhancement Services

Landing Page Optimization

The landing page optimization is an entry level service for online marketers and business owners who want to improve the return on investment (ROI) of their website through higher conversions on their landing pages.

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Landing page optimization is an extremely powerful practice that can lead to a dramatic increase in website conversion rates, online revenues and profits.

Our full-service landing page optimization service provides businesses and organization with an effective way to test and improve the conversion rate of their websites and maximize online revenue and profits. Using the Google Website Optimizer tool and levering the expertise of our website conversion analysts and web design professionals, we are able to show visitors different variations of a landing page and determine which version will best attract users and persuade them to take a specific action, such purchasing a product, signing up for a email newsletter or registering for a white paper download.

Google Website Optimizer
The Google Website Optimizer tool enables us to rapidly test the various combinations of creative elements – headline, image, promo text – on a landing page, using multivariate testing, and quickly determine which content combinations your visitors respond to best. When we have collected sufficient data, we also provide you with a full report of our findings to help you decide what changes to make to your landing page(s) to improve the conversion rate.

Landing Page Optimization Service
The ideal combination of convenience, expertise and service is offered through our Google Website Optimizer-based landing page optimization service. This turnkey solution provides a complete implementation of landing page testing and optimization with the goal to dramatically increase your website conversion rate.

Our landing page optimization service includes the following features:

  • Simultaneously tests thousands of permutations in content, offers, layout, and design
  • Statistically identifies the most effective web page elements and combinations of elements
  • Provides detailed reports on landing page conversion rates

Our landing page optimization service is based on a 6-step program that includes the following:

  1. Determine which landing page(s) to test
  2. Test plan design, including selecting page sections and page section variations
  3. Landing page and confirmation page tagging
  4. Create variables – headlines, image and copy – for each page section
  5. Run the test program to test the page section variables against the original (the control)
  6. Provides detailed reports on customer conversion rates

What exactly is Multi-Variate Testing, and how do we do it? Read below for more info.

Multivariate Testing
Multivariate is a fancy way of saying combinations. See, our experts may think they know what will work best for your site, but multivariate testing allows us to test exactly what combination of copy, headline, images, and calls to action work best to achieve your goals. Let us explain.

Say we want to test 4 headlines, 3 images, 2 versions of the body copy, and 4 different calls to action. That’s over 100 combinations.

By using a multivariant testing tool called Google Website Optimizer, we can analyze all of our different combinations, and find the recipe for success.

Website Optimizer

Above you can see multiple combinations, each combination is built from 1 headline, 1 set of copy, and 1 of the image options. As the test continues, we can narrow the number of combinations, or add new ones. And our tool will track the data all along the way.

Split Testing
A/B or ‘split’ testing pits only two options against each other. For example, does some ‘internet savvy’ kid think he can create a better landing page than you? With split testing we can pit his design against yours, you can even break it down by sections of a page to see which portions of each page work best.

Website Optimizer Page Sections

Split testing is a great tool for testing new vs. old, so if you don’t have enough time to test 100 combinations, at least you can know if A is better than B. With our expertise, and these tools, we can help you decide.

Our Tools
webRulon Marketing uses the multivariant testing tool from Google called ‘Website Optimizer’. This tool can handle both multivariant tests and split tests. While complex to many, webRulon¬†employees are experts at utilizing Website Optimizer.

The Results
webRulon’s multivariant testing helped a local mortgage and lending company grow their lead generation campaign exponentially, and our split testing helped Unique Performance Volleyball launch their customized product lines with a 7:1 ROI.


Web Site Optimizer Consulting Services

Our experienced staff of website analytics and web design professionals has years of experience in web design, website analytics and landing page optimization. The expert knowledge of our staff is available for ongoing Google Website Optimizer consulting.


Our website analytics service enables your to:

  • Complete, turnkey solution for landing page testing and optimization
  • Creates more effective landing pages that can increase your web site conversion rate, business revenue and profits
  • Effective, productive and ongoing methodical multivariate testing that takes guesswork out of conversion rate optimization

What is A/B Testing?

With A/B testing different versions of the same page or item are tested against each other. For instance, three different versions of the same landing page can be tested against an existing page to determine which one has the highest click-through rate. After enough traffic has passed through the four versions of the page to make the differences statistically relevant, one usually will be able to identify the best version(s). Depending on the test results, continuing testing and tuning may improve performance even further.

What is Multivariate Testing?

Multivariate testing is similar to A/B testing but allows for testing of various small changes to a given page or item. Multivariate testing, requires for more pre-planning to identify the different page components that need to be changed and tested. At the end of the test, the ideal page version can be put together based on the performance of the different components tested.

Website Analytics Service

Our turnkey website analytics service provides a comprehensive and strategic approach to website conversion optimization. This service includes a website analytics component through Google Analytics and landing page optimization through A/B or multivariate testing.

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A turnkey website analytics service is based on website analytics software, A/B or multivariate testing software and the expertise of web analytics and web design professionals. The service typically covers monitoring, collecting, measuring, reporting and analysis of quantitative website activity data, which businesses and organizations can use to optimize landing pages and maximize online marketing activities. The website analytics software runs on the web server or uses code tags that are implemented in the web page to send user activity information back to the web server.

With website analytics site owners and online marketers can track and analyze site visitor behavior on web pages, traffic patterns, click and conversion tracking of marketing campaigns, conversion dynamics and more. The resulting data stream provides businesses with the necessary information to make educated business decisions and maximize campaign ROI.

Website analytics is a continuous and repetitive process comprised of five major steps: collect, measure, report, analyze and optimize.


  1. Set Goals – Identify clients’ goals and objectives
  2. Measure – Use web analytics software to collect relevant data
  3. Report – Compile data in relevant, human-readable reports tied into KPI’s
  4. Analyze – Define website or landing page changes based on report analysis
  5. Optimize – Test and implement modifications and repeat

Benefits of Website Analytics Services
A full-service Website analytics service allows site owners and online marketers to focus their resources on online marketing campaigns and initiatives that work and deliver ROI, and eliminate those activities that are not paying off.

  • Optimize Website usability
    Identify usability and navigation issues that prevent visitor from completing an action, e.g. checkout at an e-commerce website, signing up for a white paper.
  • Optimize visitor conversions
    Website or landing page optimization using multivariate or A/B testing to increase ROI and generate more conversions.

Website Analytics Service Program
webRulon offers a full-service Website analytics program that includes Website analytics and multivariate and A/B testing software combined with the expertise of an experienced analytics professional. webRulon delivers more than just Website analytics. Our skilled web analytics professionals provide ongoing support, helping clients define their goals towards campaign success using proven data collection, measurement and reporting methods.

Program Methodology
Our Web analytics service is based on a 6-step program that includes the following components:

  1. Identify Goals and Objectives
    Analyzing the directories to determine in which categories competitors are listed, and what type of descriptions their sites have.
  2. Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
    The second step in the service program defines the specific business metrics and key performance indicator (KPI’s). This includes deciding on the KPI’s such as visits-to-lead conversion and visits-to-sales conversion and on a data collection strategy, e.g. what data to keep and what to ignore, storage/archiving requirement and historical report generation.
  3. Data Collection and Reporting
    In the data collection and reporting step we set-up the data collection parameters and defines what type of reports need to be generated. After metric data has been collected it is parsed into a useful and human readable reports that ties into the specific site goals or key performance indicator (KPIs). Often different reports are generated for marketing, IT and executives.
  4. Define Enhancement Strategy
    Based on a thorough analysis of the report results we identify the changes that could potentially affect the bottom line the most. This could include changes to website or landing page designs, navigation or develop of new content or landing pages.
  5. Multivariate and A/B Testing
    The best way to verify whether the changes to the website or landing page are effective is through multivariate or A/B testing. Before multivariate testing can begin we establish a control and baseline, e.g. web page, landing page or banner ad and define the variations we are going to test. Once the baseline is established, we start optimizing the item we have selected one step at a time.
  6. Measure Test Results and Repeat
    The final step in the program includes capturing, measuring and analyzing the multivariate testing results of the changes and incorporating those results in the next planning cycle.


Website Analytics Service

Our website analytics service includes the following components:

  • Client business goals and objectives
  • Metrics and KPI discovery
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Enhancement strategy
  • A/B and Multivariate landing page testing
  • Measuring and repeat testing


Our website analytics service enables your to:

  • Maximize campaign ROI
  • Increase website conversion and increase online sales and leads
  • Improve the return of your online marketing activities
  • Reduce customer support costs
  • Improve website usability

A/B and Multivariate Testing

  • A/B Testing

    With A/B testing different versions of the same page or item are tested against each other. For instance, three different versions of the same landing page can be tested against an existing page to determine which one has the highest click-through rate. After enough traffic has passed through the four versions of the page to make the differences statistically relevant, one usually will be able to identify the best version(s). Depending on the test results, continuing testing and tuning may improve performance even further.

  • Multivariate Testing

    This is similar to A/B testing but allows for testing of various small changes to a given page or item. Multivariable testing, requires for more pre-planning to identify the different page components that need to be changed and tested. At the end of the test, the ideal page version can be put together based on the performance of the different components tested.

Website Conversion Optimization

Website conversion optimization is a complete high-end solution for business and organizations that are planning a complete website redesign. This service, that creates the foundation for an effective selling and lead generation tool includes: strategy, needs analysis, website design, copywriting and usability consulting, prototyping, ongoing website analytics and multivariate testing, before and after redesign.

Learn more about our Website Conversion Optimization Service

Are you content with the average 2-4% conversion rate? The standard conversion rate of 2-4% means that 96-98% of all visitors are dropping off – and you’re losing sales and leads. That’s a lot of wasted opportunity. Website Conversion Optimization is an in-depth service that transforms a website into a selling or lead generation tool through a multi-step process that:

  • Enhances visitor experience
  • Increases visitor response
  • Persuades visitors to take action
  • Drives sales (leads, registrations, subscriptions, etc.)
  • Increases your online marketing ROI

The Value of Website Conversion Optimization
In order to increase conversion exponentially, Website Conversion Optimization closely examines a company’s sales process and aligns this information with the buying cycles of the individual visitor. The result is a website that achieves larger business goals while catering to every type of possible visitor to your website. This solution takes into account the needs, goals, and desires of both the business and the customer without sacrificing one for the other.

The Website Conversion Optimization Process
Our Website Conversion Optimization service revisits and expands upon the critical elements of a top-performing website. They include:

  • Website usability
  • Functionality
  • Persuasive copy and design
  • Conversion (leads, registrations, subscriptions, etc.)
  • Online marketing and ROI
  • Customer experience

Basic Website Conversion Optimization
For budget-conscious companies that want their website to generate more sales and leads and drive every visitor to take action, we offer basic services under each of the above categories.

Basic Website Conversion Optimization includes the following elements:

  • Navigation – We create a singular visitor path that enhances the visitors’ experience and drives action. In addition to navigation structure, we also examine page download time, site interaction mechanisms, and the ease of the transaction process.
  • Content Organization – We examine the organization of your site to determine whether it’s conducive to leading a visitor to act. We reorganize sites to align with the steps of the buying decision process – identify, search, evaluate, decide and purchase.
  • Design and Layout – We examine all of the elements of your website as well as the flow of the content. We redesign your site based on eye-tracking patterns and implement a design that ensures ease of use, clarity, and scanability.
  • Persuasive Copywriting – We write benefit-focused content that builds a relationship with the visitor and persuades the visitor to act. Our clear, focused copy aligns with the selling process by getting a visitor’s attention, creating interest and desire, and persuading a visitor to action.
  • Conversion structuring – In order to maximize the effectiveness of the site’s content, we create a site structure that supports the flow of the sales process. We develop a logical conversion path with action points in the form of buttons, links, and text boxes.
  • Confidence Building – We establish a site’s credibility and build visitor confidence by implementing a professional design, along with verbal assurances, and security measures and endorsements.
  • User Experience – We gain a holistic view of your site to determine a visitor’s overall user experience and make the changes necessary to ensure a visitor’s satisfaction.

Website Conversion Optimization Program
Our comprehensive Website Conversion Optimization Program is customized for each company and normally costs anywhere from $15,000 and up, depending on the scope of the company’s individual needs.

The foundation of the complete Website Conversion Optimization program is a thorough, 10-step process:

    1. Client Needs/Goals Analysis – We define your Internet marketing goals and objectives and conduct a complete business needs assessment. This needs assessment includes business and industry climate, competitive analysis, business value proposition creation, and conversion actions planning.
    2. Scenario Design – We define your site’s goals and create a scenario for each specific goal. Each scenario is made-up of persuasive components targeted towards the visitor taking action towards conversion.
    3. Customer Analysis – We segment your audience and examine the types of visitors to your website.
    4. Persona Development – We define the different personas of your visitors by marrying the results of demographic, psychographic, and topographic research with the various scenario designs developed to create a character representing an individual site visitor. For each persona constructed, we’ll determine the needs, behavior, worldview, attitude, and personality of this visitor.
    5. Wireframing – We define the paths of each persona and create multiple visitor scenarios so you can have a one-to-one relationship with each visitor.
    6. Copywriting – We create persuasive copy that gets a response yet is personable enough to engage and establish a profitable dialogue with each visitor, regardless of the visitor’s needs and desires.
    7. Layout and Design – We ensure that each visitor has a pleasant user experience by improving overall site usability and establishing navigation schemes for the various personas identified.
    8. Prototyping – We build a prototype of your site prior to implementation so you can identify any potential problems before costly development time is spent.
    9. Web Site Analytics – We provide website analytics services including click stream analysis so you can understand exactly what’s happening on your site.
    10. Multivariate Testing – We conduct multivariate testing to give you a solid understanding of your conversion rate statistics before and after Sales Conversion Optimization implementation.

      Increasing Conversion Goes Beyond Usability
      Our Complete Website Conversion Optimization process is designed for companies that want to take their site to the next level by substantially increasing their conversion rates and their online marketing ROI.


      Basic Service

      Program Components
      • Navigation
      • Content Organization
      • Design and Layout
      • Copywriting
      • Conversion Structuring
      • Confidence Building
      • User Experience
      • Improves your conversion rate
      • Transforms your site into a selling tool – your site logically leads visitors through the sales cycle and closes sale
      • Enhances site usability
      • Increases the return on your website investment
      • Provides clear understanding of your site’s performance – page by page

      Comprehensive Service

      Program Components
      • Client Needs/Goals Analysis
      • Scenario Design
      • Customer Analysis
      • Persona Development
      • Wireframing
      • Copywriting
      • Layout and Design
      • Prototyping
      • Website Analytics
      • Multivariate Testing
      • Integrates your visitors’ buying process with your sales process to generate more sales at a faster rate
      • Develops a one-on-one relationship with each of your visitors
      • Appeals to every type of visitor – those needing more information, those ready to buy, and those unsure about buying
      • Increases your conversion rate beyond the typical 2%-4%
      • Increases your online marketing ROI

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