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Online Video

Harness the power of online video distribution.

Online Video, Be Seen.

We can help maximize your video’s reach to harness the power of online video distribution, whether that means getting engagement, views, shares, conversions, or optimizing videos for search.


The ideal combination of convenience, expertise and service is offered through our full-service video marketing program. This service includes all components that are required for development and execution of an effective video marketing campaign. The program is comprised of two video distribution services we’ve found to be most effective for our clients.

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1. Video Search Marketing
The video search marketing service includes strategy and planning, identity, content and message development, script writing, storyboarding, video production (video and audio recording, video editing), web site integration or landing page development, video search engine optimization and distribution.

2. YouTube Promoted Videos Management
Webrulon offers a complete Promoted Videos Search Management program for YouTube Sponsored Videos ads, including keyword research, video ad creation, campaign set-up, campaign management and campaign optimization. We actively work with our clients to manage their YouTube Promoted Videos Search campaigns to ensure they meet their online marketing goals.

Program Offerings

Our video marketing experts will evaluate your video distribution and optimization goals to develop a campaign strategy that fits the goals and objectives of your business. Click the read more link below to view a list of what our video search marketing and YouTube promoted videos campaign management services typically include:

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Video Search Marketing

  • Strategy and planning
  • Identity, content and message development
  • Script writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Video production
  • Video page development and Web site integration
  • In-video file title optimization
  • Video search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Video syndication
  • Monitoring, analysis and reporting

YouTube Promoted Videos Management

  • Campaign strategy
  • YouTube video production and channel setup
  • Keyword research and selection
  • YouTube Promoted Video campaign setup
  • Ad creative development
  • Campaign management setup
  • Campaign management
  • Bid management and ROI tracking
  • Campaign monitoring, measuring, reporting and optimization
  • Dedicated “live” paid search account manager


Online Video Distribution Services

Video Search Marketing

The video search marketing service includes strategy and planning, identity, content and message development, script writing, storyboarding, video production (video and audio recording, video editing), web site integration or landing page development, video search engine optimization and distribution.

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Strategy and Planning
The first phase of the video search marketing program is critical for businesses and corporations that are starting with a new video search marketing campaign from scratch. In this first phase Advanced Media Productions starts with defining the clients’ goals and objectives, the video topic, content, overall tone, taste and attitude of the video(s) and the overall campaign.

Identity, Content and Messaging
The second step in the development of a video search marketing campaign is the selection and creation of the sound bite or “audio logo” and the visual identity of actual video production(s).

Before script writing can start the client provides Advanced Media Productions with the concept and the content of the video(s). The content of the video(s) can vary, depending on the type of video and can include the marketing foundation, product or service description, features and benefits description and technical specifications. The marketing foundation defines the target audience for the campaign, the geographic focus, call-to-action and, when applicable, the unique selling proposition of the product(s) or service(s) featured in the video.

Script Writing
Script writing is a critical step in the video production process because it determines the content and flow of the production. In the script writing phase we develop a detailed script that provides an outline of the video content and keeps the production well paced during recording.

Once a script is completed, a storyboard is created. The storyboard is a graphic organizer showing a series of illustrations or images displayed in a sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing the video sequence.

Video Production – Video, Audio Recording and Editing
In the video production phase Advanced Media Productions coordinates and executes the video shoots on location or in our in-house studio and performs professional video editing with green screen studio design and background opportunities.

Video Page Development and Web Site Integration
After the video productions have been completed and approved by the client they are integrated into a professionally designed video web page or separate landing page that functions as a launch path for video viewing by Web users. The video page may have its own unique identity or will, when integrated into an existing web site, enforce the existing web site identity. The video page includes an embedded video player, video title, a description, internal site navigation links and social media links.

Video Promotion and Distribution
As part of the video search marketing program Advanced Media Productions will syndicate and distribute the video(s) to various video search engines and video sharing web sites. Video promotion and distribution includes the following services:

Video Search Engine Optimization (Video SEO)
Video search engine optimization will be performed on all video pages to ensure proper crawling and indexing by the video search engines. Video SEO includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword-optimization of in-video file titles
  • Keyword-optimization of the text, URL’s, page titles and meta tags on the video page using general search engine optimization (SEO) practices
  • Video site map and RSS/MRSS feed development

Video Syndication
Videos are also uploaded, along with tags, keyword-optimized descriptions and links for video sharing, at social networking and video sharing web sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other video sharing web sites via TubeMogul.

Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting
All videos are fully monitored to track traffic referrals, user engagement and lead conversions and to allow deep data analysis for ongoing performance optimization.

YouTube Promoted Videos Management

YouTube Promoted Videos offers advertisers the opportunity to tap into YouTube’s huge audience and reach qualified customers without disrupting the social nature of the site. YouTube Promoted Videos have not only proven to be an effective way for advertisers to drive traffic to video content on YouTube, but also to boost brand awareness and user engagement with the brand.

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Promoted Videos
The promoted videos ad system allows advertisers to create sponsored video ads, with bid for keyword placement, to appear under the label “Promoted Videos” alongside the organic video search listings on YouTube and Google Video Seach for specific search keywords, against related videos on YouTube, or across the Google Display Network.

Unlike Google AdWords paid search ads, YouTube Sponsored Videos search ads are sold on a pay-per-view basis. This means that advertisers be charged only when a user clicks on a Promoted Videos and starts watching the video content.

Promoted Videos Campaign
YouTube Promoted Videos campaigns can be set up and managed right in Google AdWords or directly from within YouTube. Advertisers first need to establish a YouTube channel and upload the videos they want to promote. Then they choose a video thumbnail that best represents the video and write an ad heading and brief text, including a clear call-to-action. The text ads also include a link to the advertiser’s YouTube channel where the actual video resides. Similar to AdWords paid search ads, Promoted Videos allow advertisers to set the maximum cost-per-view (CPV) and a maximum overall budget.

YouTube Promoted Videos Search Service
Advanced Media Productions’ YouTube Promoted Videos Search Service is more than just a keyword bidding solution. We offer a complete results-driven, service-oriented promoted videos campaign management program, comprised of campaign strategy, keyword research, campaign set-up, including bid management, developing/testing of text ads, landing page and ROI tracking, phone lead and phone sales tracking, reporting, campaign performance assessment and recommendations for campaign optimization.

YouTube Promoted Videos Search Campaign Set-up
Our YouTube Promoted Videos Search service provides our clients with the set-up and daily management of their Promoted Videos search campaigns. This service includes keyword research, campaign set-up and ongoing campaign management.

YouTube Promoted Videos search campaign set-up includes:

  • Google Adwords account registration and activation
  • YouTube video Channel set-up and video upload
  • Keyword research and keyword selection
  • Grouping of selected keyword phrases into “themed” ad groups
  • Assessment of maximum average bid cost, projected rank position for each selected keyword phrase, estimated monthly number of click-to-views and ad budget
  • Setting maximum cost-per-view (CPV) and daily/monthly campaign budget
  • Video creation, writing unique headlines and ad text

YouTube Promoted Videos Search Campaign Management
When the YouTube Promoted Videos Search campaign has been set-up and activated, the established ad rankings, cost-per-view bids and daily ad budgets must be monitored against competitive bids. The YouTube Promoted Videos Search Campaign Management program includes:

  • Daily monitoring of keyword bids, ad rankings and adjustment of bid amounts within pre-set parameters to maintain desired ranking positions
  • Daily monitoring of pre-set daily and monthly ad budgets
  • Campaign maintenance – Access to a senior campaign manager as needed to discuss recommendations and changes to the campaign strategy, keyword set, bid amounts, bid positions and updates to the daily ad budget
  • Campaign review – Monthly ROI reports for monitoring of campaign activity and results, including average ad position, # of impressions, # of video clicks and cost-per-view
  • Strategic and tactical guidance for campaign optimization

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Online Video Distribution Benefits

Video Search Marketing Benefits

  • Generates search engine referral traffic to Web site
  • Boosts brand visibility and awareness
  • Creates deep user engagement
  • Generates viral online buzz

YouTube Promoted Video Benefits

  • Improve brand visibility within the YouTube community
  • Drive traffic to a branded YouTube video channel
  • Drive user engagement – comments, ratings and sharing
  • Pay only when someone watches the video


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